I want to draw attention to the greatest MYSTERY of all. PROVE THAT OLD TESTAMENT PROPHECIES SHOW JESUS IS THE MESSIAH, (or Christ, Ref. Acts 9:22 & 18:28) and you have proven that GOD EXISTS.

Evolutionary physicists believe  other dimensions exist, yet they don't believe in Heaven.

Humanists believe that only man can build paradise.

I don't believe in man anymore. We can't reach Heaven or create a paradise by our knowledge.

A righteous Branch is grafted (nailed) to THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE. THE SCRIPT (the BIBLE) said the name of the Branch would be Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew) centuries before he arrived.  

(See Septuagint, Zechariah 6:11-13)

(John 3:12-18 ESV)

Food for Thought

Of  The Daath Path    ("Daath" is a Hebrew word for knowledge.)

Knowledge can be true or false, and used for good, or for evil. Who decides which is which? Do you have that right, or does God?


The origin of the word "mystery," is mistore; a Hebrew word for a hiding place. Adam and Eve hid from God in the midst of the trees. "Daath" is the Hebrew word for knowledge in Genesis 2:9. This is the origin of the English word, "death," and of death itself. Our world is a wilderness of thought, yet there are clues that lead to the Tree of Life. You can solve the Mystery of the  Daath Path.

On the cross is the greatest revelation there will ever be of God.

It's the only place where we can see what this world is doing to him.

Jesus is the heart of God.



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